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A fungus capable of attracting gold discovered in Australia

Researchers have made a surprising discovery in Western Australia: they have identified fungi capable of attracting deposits of gold. Its name: fusarium oxysporum.

South of the city of Perth, Australia, a team of researchers have made an astonishing discovery. That of a fungus called fusarium oxysporum, which has shown incredible properties. "Fungi are known for their essential role in the degradation and recycling of organic materials such as leaves and bark, as well as in the cycle of metals such as aluminum, iron, manganese and calcium", specifies Dr. Tsing Bohu, co-author of this study. But the property discovered by his team is even more impressive: according to him, the fusarium oxysporum would be able to cause a reaction of dissolution and precipitation of particles taken from the environment, and to produce ... gold ! "

(extract from the article by Jeanne Travers published on 24.05.2019 on

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