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Behind the scenes of the workshop Or Cadre

The different techniques used in leaf gilding, and the variety of metals available in leaf (yellow gold, white gold, red gold, green gold, silver, aluminum, palladium, copper, oxidized copper) offer endless possibilities.

In addition, these techniques can be used on all kinds of media: wood, cork, ceramic, stone, slate, stucco, iron, plastic, plexiglass, MDF, concrete, paper, plaster, walls, resin, leather, cardboard, skin, glass, plants ...

The so-called "mixtion" gilding (water or oil) is a contemporary technique which allows almost anything to be gilded, since it can be applied to all supports. You just have to give free rein to your imagination and creation.

The so-called "tempera" gilding is applied only to wood. It is about a long series of operations carried out using specific tools (priming, repairing, installation of the bowl of Armenia, burnishing ...). It is the only one which makes it possible to obtain the famous "burnished", the games of shine.

The technique of églomisé glass consists of placing metal sheets on the glass. This process makes it possible to create a reflecting effect like a mirror, or to create painted or engraved decorations on a gold or silver background.

Each support is therefore gold-silver-copper with the most appropriate technique, as well as depending on the desired final rendering, knowing that it is always decorative gilding.

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