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Duy Anh Nhan Duc and its golden vegetable palette

Duy Anh Nhan Duc, an artist with a vegetal language, where gold also plays its part.

Duy Anh Nhan Duc (born 1983 in Saigon, Vietnam) arrived in France at the age of ten, he lives and works in Paris. The nature is the basis of the works of this plastic artist: “I try through my creations to capture the unique allure of plants, to transcribe the emotions they arouse in me and to stage them in the narration they give me. evoke. The creations that I imagine make it possible to highlight plants that we all know, but that we no longer look at. In my work, everything is a pretext to honor the plant. Each work is an invitation to others to take the time to look at nature with a new eye, with attention and sensitivity. ”

In his workshop, he transforms plants and invents a poetic nature: clovers, lotus, barks, flowers, lichens ... without forgetting "his" inspiring plant, the dandelions (as in his installation "les Champs Célestes", "Les Cimes du ciel", "Hope", "Le parloir des souhaits" in Musée Guimet, and many others). Picked fruits, its installations are ephemeral and sensitive. He emphasizes both its fragility (which he seems to want to freeze) and its preciousness (to the point of making "jewelry")by coupling elements kept as is, with elements in glass, pearls, mother of pearl... and in gold.

In his work, what interests me more here, obviously, are therefore the works in which gold intervenes (in the form of goldleaves or gold plated), and gold (through pearls or brass).It is interesting to examine the way in which this artist uses it, and where he places it:

It remains to follow the evolution of this artist to observe with curiosity what will become of gold in his next creations.

[Photos of Duy Anh Nhan Duc's works are also on Pinterest].

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