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Gold in gastronomy: daily specials

This article, not exhaustive, deals with the fascinating subject - and much denser than expected - of the use of gold in "gastronomy", cooking, food ... in other words: how to put gold in spinach ?

The menu is as follows: appetizer / main course / dessert / drinks menu / digestive and coffee included!

I hope you will not be hungry ... (the photos are visible on Pinterest).


Daily specials

Now that the appetizer has been tasted, let's move on to the different "daily specials".

If gold, as we have seen in "historical" examples, calls more for images of sweets or drinks, it now has a tendency to slide, casually, on the slope of the salty. And this is the main novelty. Food gold is now "has been" in the world of sweets, so it must be put elsewhere!

But ... there is salty ... and salty (just like the note for that matter).

First of all, let's start with a few dishes, or dishes, called "traditional", therefore common dishes, usually made up of simple ingredients, but revisited.

  • Let us note, first of all, one of the rare French products (apart from drinks): the golden pasta from the Stéphanoise company Cornand. They are described as: "tagliatelle and fettuccine rolled with edible glitter or gold leaf for exceptional festive dishes". The dough is thus laminated, just like the gold ...

  • To stay in the Italian atmosphere, we can mention the saffron and oro risotto, created by chef Gualtiero Marchesi

  • Finally, Japanese sushi is no exception to the trend. Filipino Angelito Araneta Jr. (the "Karat Chief") has made it his specialty.

We then continue with ingredients (meat, fish) which are found wrapped in gold.

  • We remember the now famous golden rib steak tasted by footballer Franck Ribery (then Blaise Matuidi, Lionel Messi, Paul Bogba ...) in Dubai, in the Salt Bae restaurant better known elsewhere for its meat salting scene

  • Whole hams are adorned with gold at the Heart of Ibiza

  • And the sea side is not left out with the "gold fish": the one served at Al Seef's Doors Freestyle Grill, still in Dubai and always with a lot of videos (but strangely with fewer footballers ...)

  • Or even simple small canned sardines.

Finally, the fashion for golden street food-junk food (of which we will also find key elements for dessert). So, those foods which are basically popular, cheap, intended to be taken away, eaten with your hands and quickly swallowed around a street corner, are extremely trendy ... and therefore, they all have their golden versions ( expensive, tasted slowly, sitting in beautiful establishments).

  • Let's start with the "golden" chicken wings: the Foodgod 24K Gold Wings from Ainsworth in New York

  • then Frank Tujague's bagel from the Westin New York hotel

  • the golden sandwich

  • followed by burgers: that of Diego Buick, or the Burg Khalifa of The Roadery

  • Juan Licerio Alcala's taco

  • corn dog

  • and finally Industry Kitchen gold leaf pizza

So, putting gold in / on a dish makes it exceptional: from "everyday dish" it goes, with the wave of a magic wand, to "luxury dish".

Still hungry ? Let's move on to dessert.

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