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Gold in gastronomy: desserts

This article, not exhaustive, deals with the fascinating subject - and denser than expected - of the use of gold in "gastronomy", cooking, food ... or how to put gold in spinach?

The menu is as follows: appetizer / main course / dessert / drinks menu / digestive and coffee included!

I hope you will not be hungry ... (the photos are visible on Pinterest).



The world of pastry and chocolate, until then remained kings in the matter of the use of edible gold: who has not seen magnificent chocolates and cakes, real "culinary jewels", decorated with gold?

However, this particularly flourishing fashion in the early 2000s seems to be running out of steam. Apart from luxury houses, and creations of decorations for special occasions (weddings, ceremonies, Christmas) get along, because everything does not go downhill anyway.

In addition, new products put on the market (golden cocoa butter, golden sugar paste, sprays of glitter, coloring agents and transfer sheets, etc.) imitate the precious metal, or make it much easier to apply. And when it comes to gold, and the civilization of the image, the photo of a golden touch now counts less than the filmed staging of the laying of gold leaves.

But I speak, I speak ... and I feel that you salivate, will you have a little chocolate?

  • that of Daniel Gomes (saffron, Périgord truffle, vanilla from Madagascar and gold) which is the most expensive chocolate in the world - for now?

  • or a truffle with gold leaf by Daniel Jongsma?

  • or Oscar's chocolate (a golden chocolate in the shape of the statuette) created by Wolfgang Puck and served during the Oscar Ceremony meal?

Unless you prefer a cupcake? This is where we start to slide into the trend of the quirky, the unexpected. The one already seen in the daily specials, with popular dishes and golden street food. Pleasure "deceptively simple", everyday moments made exceptional ... (exactly like the last advertising campaigns for Champagne).

  • let's start with the sure values of French know-how: a small golden macaroon from Ladurée, or the "luxury golden choux pastry and bitter chocolate" macaroon from Fauchon

  • then continue with a "Diamond Cake" from the Karat Chef (the very one who likes to brown sushi, but there, in addition to gold, he sprinkled his cake with diamonds)

  • then take a slice of Paige Russel's "24 carrot cake"

  • before finishing with donuts: the "Golden Ube Donut" from the Manila Social Club of NY, (which rapper 2chainz was happy to test for us) or a recipe for gold donuts available in DIY on Youtube .

Finally, wherever you are on the globe, I think that a small ice cream would not be too much?

  • In Kanazawa (traditional Japanese city of gold beaters) ice cream cones are "simply" covered with gold leaf

  • in New York, Serendipity's “Golden Opulence” sundae makes tons

  • as for the “Black Diamond” at Scoopi Café in Dubai, it remains the most classy.

Also note an unclassifiable acacia honey with gold flakes.

Phew. Before getting close to indigestion, I offer you a small cappuccino covered with leaves, or gold powder of course, again in Dubai at the Armani Hotel or the Burj Al Arab. Unless you prefer a gold tea like this or like that ... which brings us slowly to the drinks menu!

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