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Gold in gastronomy: the drinks menu

This non-exhaustive article deals with the fascinating subject - and denser than expected - of the use of gold in "gastronomy", cooking, food ... or how to put gold in spinach?

The menu is as follows: appetizer / main course / dessert / drinks menu / digestive and coffee included!

I hope you will not be hungry ... (the photos are visible on Pinterest).



What would an exceptional meal be without a good list of wines and other drinks?

We have already accompanied our dessert with a good golden coffee, but what golden nectars could we taste during this banquet? Because if man wants to eat gold, he also wants to drink it, and we will see that no drink is spared from gold fever.

The oldest mention of a gold drink that I have found dates back to the 16th century. (and still marketed): Danzig Goldwasser vodka (or Danziger Goldwasser or Danzig golden water). The main characteristic of this drink, invented in 1596 by a Dutchman, Ambrosius Vermöllen, who became a citizen of Danzig, therefore consists of small shards of gold floating in it in suspension.

We can first of all stay in the field of luxury, the exceptional with a good champagne (or rather, most of the time, assimilated sparkling wines which suddenly gain in sophistication - and by gold and by the bottle). But what relationship with gold will you tell me? Well ... it's very simple: I won't talk about the packaging or the names here, but wines where the gold flakes swirl with elegance. This is the case:

  • Gold Addict Brut 23 K: "drink gold with the intoxication of a brut"

  • by Léontine d'Henriot-Magloire

  • by Luxor by J.C Rousseau

  • of the Elfenhof Gold

  • of the Gold Cuvée

  • of the Exosse

  • Lussory from Lootah Premium Foods (alcohol-free!)

Also worth mentioning is a champagne jelly ... with gold flakes.

But other alcoholic drinks (wines and liqueurs) also lent themselves to the game of the golden suspension:

  • Pegasus wine

  • Gold Strike Cinnamon Gold Liqueur

  • the Goldschläger

  • the Gold version of Smirnoff vodka

  • Unicorn Tears gin (the silver flakes are actually unicorn tears, yes, yes)

  • a Guyanese hibiscus liqueur

  • a 24-carat beer

  • another Pure Gold Williams liqueur

  • and even an old rum

Finally, the field of non-alcoholic drinks is not left out:

  • Gold Ernergy, despite its appearance is an ultra-pure water-based drink from a thousand-year-old glacier with heart-shaped 22.5 karat gold petals ...

  • syrups also have their spangled versions at the Epicerie de Provence

  • and finally a lemonade, the Elixia Or

Here we are at the end of the menu, all that remains is to swallow a conclusion in the form of a digestive.

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