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Kanazawa: a Japanese gilding workshop

“Located only 2.5 hours by shinkansen from Tokyo and about as much time by JR train from Kyoto, the medieval city of Kanazawa was built at the end of the 16th century by the Maeda clan, a powerful family of samurai. other warrior clans, this family was ingeniously illustrated in the development of culture and crafts. Very quickly, the city became prosperous and respected for its talents in the fields of lacquer, silk, but also in gold leaf production To this day, Kanazawa still accounts for over 99% of the national gold leaf production alone by perpetuating techniques that are more than 400 years old!

Traditionally used for the gilding of temples, statues, fusuma (sliding panels), or integrated into lacquer objects, there are several workshops which open their doors to tourists and offer to learn about the techniques of gilding with gold leaf. ... "(read the entire article here).

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