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Paradise lost ... found

Gold is not luxury but light .
The natural elements capture the sunlight , and restore it through gold .
Gilding with leaf is the materialization of a fragile memory , of a fleetingness that becomes eternal .
It is a rite of protection , an “archaism” (fear of the dark) which becomes refined .
My work, of gold and wheat (" gold of the poor "), is linked to fertility , to the natural cycles of the seasons , to childish pickings ...
I like to create objects that invite into a poetic story , which everyone can then unfold as they wish.
And I also like surprises , unveiled according to the distance , and the way the light hits.
I like the idea that techniques mix , and that the rough meets the sophisticated .

Atelier Or Cadre ( Occitanie , France) was created by Laetitia Nicolas . My professional career has many facets: between art , archiving of orality and ethnobotany . I have always taken a great interest in all artisanal techniques (especially that of dry stone ) as well as in artistic creation . After several training courses in various gilding workshops ( Noël Sévenier , Bénédicte Rousselot ), I acquired the necessary know-how in old-fashioned gilding ( tempera ) in order to obtain the CAP Doreur à la feuille ornemaniste then the title of Craftsman of Art .

I can work for individuals , or collaborate with professionals , adapting to all kinds of projects , in order to create unique and customizable decorative pieces . Do not hesitate to ask me questions or to come and meet me .

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